Wednesday, May 31, 2017

ME & MEEKA hangin > Me in basket meeKA IN hello kitty blanket >> the life 2 pamperd kittys


TODAY in s/w,mo. >>> is gloomy >>GREAT HUMMP DAY>MEEOOW>>   high 84; > storms later <but looks like could now >. small hail & wind >HOPE NOT >> oh my > we got a GOOd talkin to earlyer < one of us chewed on MOM:S popcicles & got icky sticky all over floor by box >> we wanted to taste them > but MOM wasnt happy > now has to mop sticky up > ARRRR she says >>  ðŸˆðŸˆ

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

MOM changed sheets & we helped ,,,,oh my soooo funn ,,,MOL mom says we are good helpers


great day meeoow

TODAY here in s/w,mo. >. its gloomy but nice out> 77: high >>>  MEEOOWY TUESDAY ALL <<<<   may rain >> no storms >>   > bLEssed day all  >MEEOOW >>

Monday, May 29, 2017

WE goin off for now,,,time for capnaps,,,,,, MOM has stuff to do ,,,so GODBLESS all ,,,take care xxxoooo

MOM:S flower ,,, isnt it pretty ,,,she love:s flower:s > so i said post it ,,,, i LOVE MOM ,,MEEOOWW

LATE ,,, but not forgot forcast

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY ALL <MEEOOW  >  GREAT DAY here Sunny. high75: or so > MOM say having cook out here >SOOO YUMM >>> ty 2 all who made this CO. safe for all >> 🏁     GODBLESS XXXXOOOO🏁                                                                         🏁                                                        ðŸ                                                                                                                                                                                                             🏁                                                     🏁                                                           🏁

Sunday, May 28, 2017

MOM:S pic >nice isnt it >> SHE made colors as close to me as she could >>great job MOM

our quote:s

TODAY we say >>>>>>>
BE good>. do what ur mom:s say>>  & on tv show we watch >>oh my those  amish > gez   <<   have values all > dont fight like they do >   play play> take care or ur family:s >>>>>>>

SORRY late FB acting up ,,,,,ARRRRRRRRRR

WEATHER kitty ROSIE & her SIDE kick  MEEKA SAY>>>>>> oh my made it through storms lastnite >>  GREAT DAY OF THE LORD >   funn planned for 2day >>MOL  sunny too > 😎🐈🐈

Saturday, May 27, 2017

late weather ,,,,SORRy

TODAY in s/w,mo. >>>> GREAT CATTURDAY >>  high 84; oh my> hot out MOM said>>>   storms here later> BAD hope NOT >> BIG HAIL & BAD winds >oh my >MOM hates storms >> take care all > ☔🐈

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

goin to bed early

WE goin off early tonite MOM got headache & anyway getting up early to go to walmarts & im in charge makin sure she:s up on time  <  soo nite GODBLESS see ya in Morn zzzzzzz

ANOTHER movie MOM made of me & my BEST friend MEEKA


A NEW collage MOM made of ME & MEEKA ,,,, MOM says we are SOOOO cute


wackey weather AGAIN

TODAY in s/w,mo>>> gloomy hummp day >> may rain later >>>  high 67: > wow>> wackey weather >>.MOL >    BLESSED DAY ALL MEEOOW :😮

Sunday, May 21, 2017

our report ,,,,GREAT

TODAY in s/w,mo.  GREAT DAY OF THE LORD >MEEOOW >>> NICE we got window open >> high 7o:or so  & SUNNY >>> mom feels better so hopefully pics & video:s today >> glad mom is better >US girls worry 🐈🐈

Friday, May 19, 2017

storms again ,,,,OH MY

here in s/w,mo. getting BAD >>MOM still in pain from dental work thats why not on sooner <,   im scared of storm < soo be safe all MEEOOWW purrs to all ☔☔🐈

Thursday, May 18, 2017

nite nite GODBLESS

WE are goin off for tonite > MOM  got dental work today > soo we are gonna take care of her << soo 2morrow will be flashback  purrsady ok ? > sorry she doesnt feel up to it > soo see uall then 🐈🐈

sorry late ......pic or video for flashback purrsday whoop ,,,meeow

our weather this afternoon >>>> glommy > may storm >HOPE NOT MOM hates them >.HAPPY flashback purrsday >>>MEEOOW >>>high83:or so , but humid >YUKK     MOM has to go to dentist >so after she gets back flashback purrsday pic or VIDEO >>>MEEEEOOOOW 🐈🐈

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

US hangin on bag again ,,,,we love bag ,,,,,,,,,, nothing up ,,,,,, a hangin day,,,,, on hummp day

🐈🐈MOM SAYS bag goin in trash >>>today LAST day >sooo we better have funn on it >MOL


today in s/w,mo. >>>its VERY BAD HAIRDAY 2 cans hairspray .reccomened>>>> sorry late> our aapts> had food give away > mom went down > what a mess she said  the one:s bringin food wanted it there way & counsel here wanted it there:s oh MY > pepole getting MAD ect... high 80: HAPPY HUMMP DAY 🐈🐈

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

MEEKA says .... I take bath on ur MOM:S lap ROSIE >>> nice & comfy

MY report

OH MY in SPRINGFIELD<MO>  MEEOOWY TUESDAY >MEEOOW >> SUNN >>>HIGH 83: or so > but WIND > so keep hairspray handy > MOL      MEEKA be over in a bit >THEN the FUnn starts >MOL 😎🐈

Sunday, May 14, 2017

weather report from,,,,US

TODAY in s/w,mo. >its NICE MOTHER:S DAY TO ALL <<< high 78: or so >>  funn day planned here > b-b-q chicken > YUMM   >for MOM & extra wet food for us >MEEOOW 🐈🐈

Saturday, May 13, 2017

our weather > great caterday

TODAY in s/w,mo. >>> we say >> GREAT CATTERDAY & great MEEKA:S allergys better >MEEOOW>>> high 70: or so >>  HAVE GREAT DAY WE ARE >MEEOOW GODBLESS ALL 🌻🐈🐈

Thursday, May 11, 2017


GOIN OFF here before more storms get here << keep  pets safe GODBLESS SWEETDREAMS >MEEOOW🐈

OH MY storms coming

here in s/w,mo. >>severe storm warning >OH MY be safe all  >> my helper MEEKA > wouldnt get up here with me >>  GODBLESS ALL > pics of our funn later 🐈☔