Friday, September 30, 2016

my present

<<<<<<< >. havin funn >>>> mom:s aid got this for me >>im soooo happy >.love It > more funn later  >come back uall >>MOL

afternoon quote

have funn >> keep moms feet warm >> love all >>and ALWAYS DONT get caught bein BAD >>>MOL

come out rosie

ROSIE>>>>ROSIE >>> get outa there >>>> >>> ok FINE im goin >>>>>>

today >>>

tody in s/w,mo. its great >>WHOOP >>> High 72:or so >>have happt Almost CATTURDAY >>>>MEEOOOW

Thursday, September 29, 2016

nite nite

we are sleepy >>so nite kittys/humans >see more tomorrow <<GODBLESS XXXOOO


ME & MR chicken  heard something >> out side >>>OH MY >> had great time <<MEEOOW



<<<<<<<<<<<<ME having a treat MR chicken eating AGAIN >>MOL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

my quote for today

be a good girl >>snuggle with mom on the cold morings >>> love all >> and always >>dont get caught being  bad >>MOL


<<<<today in s/w,mo. <<VERY NICE >>  high 70 : HAVE A HAPPY PURRSDAY ALL >>MEEOOW >>

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


im goin to bed early >> yea >> mom gets up early to go to walmarts >>WHOOP more treats & she doesnt yell at me for wakin her up on thurs>> cant wait to what she;ll get me tomorrow >>>MEEEEOOOOOW halloween comin up >>>>ARRRRR BOOOOOO

more funn

we all had sooooo much funn playin & hangin >>love my friends >>MEEKA & MR chicken >>WHOOP WHOOP >>>>>

my quote

todays quote >>> be nice to ur friends >>love all >> do what mom says >> and as always DONT caught being BAD >> MOL


TODAY here in s/w,mo. its NICE AGAIN >>MEEOOW>>> gonna  be 70: or so >> some wind >>yukk >> have a GREAT HUMMPDAY ALL >>> MEEOOW!!!!!!! more funn later >>

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

soooo sleepy ..>>>>

SOOOOOOO SLEEPY FADEING FAST  >>> SWEET DREAMS ALLL see more of me tomorrow>>>>zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

tryin our halloween stuff out

me & meeka >>lookin pretty >>>yes  we sure are >> (meeka bottom pic)

MR chicken & me

Mr chicken & i playind >>a GREAT time >>> holdin me down meeoowin at me >>MOL


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<me & MR chicken gettin snack from my mouse >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

afternoon news

today moms been arguing with dr office >>no allergy meds >>oh no !!!!! i say what the MEEOOW to them >> dont mess with mom >>   have a BLESSED rest of day >>> MEEOOWY TUESDAY <<<<<<


today in s/w,mo. its 54: now >BURRRRRR< nice out> high 78: or so >> have MEEOOWY TUESDAY>>>> BLESS ALL >>>

Monday, September 26, 2016


AGAIN <<im soooo sleepy >>so mom said ok we;ll go  for tonite >>> MEEOOWY dreams  kittys u too humans <<<more funn tomorrow >>>and some being a stinker <<so come to see >>>MOL

my bed

MEEKA pulled  out mattress from my bed >>>>& just sat there like>>WHAT !!!!!!!! >>> little stinker mom said >>i say what the MEEOOW !!!!!!!!

saying for day

<<<<Quote for today >>>> be good >> love all >> love on ur mom >>>  dont pull on  mini blind >cause u;ll get hurt,  not good >>> be good for mom >> BLESSED DAY ALL >>MEEOw>>> my friend meeka;s here so more later >>MEEOOW


 TODAY here in s/w,mo. its gonna be a great day high 72:or so >>> have a BLESSED DAY ALLL <<<MEEOOW

Sunday, September 25, 2016


mom changed sheets today >> it was funn >>>MOL MOL MOL <great tryin to keep her from doin it >>MOL

so i let her post her halloween solar things <<very cute  > got to compromize< a happy mom s a happy kitty > >>>>  >MOL MOL


<<<<<<<<<<<<<us girls just want a have funn >>WHOOP WHOOP >>>MOL >>>>>


me & meeka had great time playin  >>>


 todays quote >> let mom sleep in when she cant sleep at nite >.love all >. have funn >> &  DONT get caught if you do something BAD >>>MOL


today here in s/w,mo>>> its gonna be NICE high 82 or so >>have a BLESSED DAY ALLL XXXOOO >>> more stuff later >>>

Saturday, September 24, 2016

NITE kisses

<<<<<<<<<<<me & mom say >>nite kittys/humans >>see more tomorrow >>>>>>>>


<<<<<<<<us hangin >>MOL >>>>>>
<<<<<<MR CHICKEN <<i got to get hm >my wet food is waitin >>

PLAYIN with feather wand >>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<havin funn with Mr Chickens mom >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

MOL says MrChicken

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<i got rosie on her rear >>MOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A lazy day

im laying in bed while mom watch:s star wars >>a lazy sat afternoon >>AWWWWW


ROSIE:S quote for today >>DONT try & jump on mom:s back while she:s cleanin ur water jug>IT MAY result in NO TREATS for the day & that would be tragic >>OH NO >HOW AWFUL >>> MOL be good kitty >>be nice to ur mom >>xxxooo


 today in s/w,mo. >>> its HOT > gonna be 89; or so >HAVE A GREAT CATTURDAY ALL >>>>

Friday, September 23, 2016

time for sleep

well kitty freinds >. im sooo sleepy >cant stay awake ,slept over 10 hrs today>

 fadeing fast . more fun tomorrow >

the moms plan on takin pics >> we maynot let them >>MOL MOL come back to see >>MOL MOL

moms stuff

mom said she;d let me lay on her coloring book  if she could post her halloween nails & her halloween solar kitty >>>>>>> so here u go >>>>  & here;s the pic i was layin on <<nice huh  >>pretty >>


<<<<<<<do i look scarey  for Halloween >>>BOOOOOOOO >PRACTICING >>>>>


 my quote for the day >>> be good or dont get caught being bad <MOL> take of ur mom ( mine has watery eyes today) poor mom >>   love all >>have a good friday >>i CAN SEE CATTURDAY  FROM HERE >>>>IT LOOKS GREAT !!!!!!!!

Me Being A Stinker >>MOL

<MOM:S tryin to color in her kitty book & i say NO !!!! Play with me >u cant color   IM layin on it >>MOL 


im gaurding my bed <<mr Chucken gaurding my bag <<MOL MOL MOL MOL

todays weather

TODAY here in s/w, mo. >>its gonna be HOT & HUMID >.AGAIN > oh my Yukk > have a blessed day >. where ever uall are >>MEEOOW !!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

NITE NITE >>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>ROSIE says >>>we sooo sleepy >>so nite all kittys/humans <<<<

a couple pics >>>>>

>>Me & mom in one of our HALLOWEEN PICS>>>>>>
>ME Heplin make bed >>MOL

finnaly got it

 mom said she:s proud of me >>now i dont have to yell at her for treats >> i can get my own >>>WHOOP >>MOL


US practicing  our treating >>  U FOOL us WE trick YOU <<< MOL MOL MOL

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

lookin PRETTY

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>playin with MR Chickens feathers arent i PRETTY>>>>>>>>>>>